Monday, December 17, 2012

"The stories we love in us forever..."

Well hello, hello, hello!!  Once again, it's been a while since I last wrote...hoping that everyone has been wonderful!!  This year has certainly flown right by us, seems that we were celebrating Christmas just yesterday, and yet here it is again!  I love, love, LOVE this season...I love the feeling of it!!  I'm not a big fan of snow, but I'm kind of missing seeing it this year...hmmm, mayyyybe we will still get some before the big day arrives..heehee..I can't even believe that I just said that!!  :)))
So tonight, I felt like writing...I'm sitting here trying to think about how to put all of my thoughts into words..seems like my thoughts are ALLLLL over the place lately..oopsy!!  heehee!!
I don't feel right if I don't mention something about what's been going on over the past few days with the school shooting in of the most horrible things that I could ever imagine and my heart is breaking for the families involved and the community as a whole...I have no words other than to send all of my love to them and my prayers for healing.  It definitely puts a lot of things into perspective for me and hopefully for all of us....we MUST appreciate the people in our lives, no matter their age or anything else...we never know when it can all come to an others with the best of yourself...there's nothing else that matters!!!
I've always tried my best to treat everyone the way that I would like to be treated..but, there are times that I fail miserably...and that is such a bad feeling...when I lose my temper, get mad over something that seems so petty...and then I get mad at myself for getting so worked up over nothing...because as we can now see..there are SO many other people dealing with something so much bigger than we could ever imagine...makes our little worries seem so little!
Sometimes it's SO difficult to seperate ourselves from what we view as problems in our lives..and yes, there is always, always, ALWAYS going to be someone, somewhere that is MUCH worse off than we are....but, it doesn't mean that our problems and concerns don't matter, because they do....they affect us and the people around us....we just have to learn to look at things through new eyes...that's the hard part...we get so used to the way we see things that we can't see them in any other light...we get so wrapped up that we forget all of the things that we DO's SO easy to do that...I'm incredibly guilty of this...I hate the fact that I can say that with 100% truth...why is it so easy to forget the things that we do have????  Some people have children...a family....a great job...a beautiful home...the list can go on and on and on....shooooooot!!!  I spend my days wondering why I never got to have a family of my own....why don't I have my dream job (cuz, I would be SOOOOO good at it...haha!!)...why can't I drive a brand new car???  Why, why, why??? Welllll, what I DO have is a SUPER FANTASTIC family....WONDERFUL friends that would move mountains for me if I needed them to....I have an apartment that I'm pretty happy in...I have a car that gets me where I need to go ANNNNNNNND my life is surrounded by love...YES, it's true...but, so many times I fail to see those things...I'm always wanting what I don't have, but in reality..would those things make me happy???  Really???  Would they???  I would NEVER trade my family OR my friends for a better house or a new car or a great job....I would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVERRRRRRR give any of them up for any of the things that I "think" that I want or need for my life to be complete!  When I really sit down and think about things...yes, it would be nice to have a brand new beautiful car...but, then what would I do when I needed to make a joke about what my car did TODAY and we all sit around laughing about it...I've even named my little car...her name is Erica when we talk about her, we have a's soooo funny sometimes....and if I had some big, beautiful dream would I be able to constantly be thinking of new decorating ideas and keeping myself busy with all of the little projects that I do to make it my home...sitting around looking at the perfect home would be boring....right???  Sometimes I think that I say these things to make myself feel better about my life...but, in reality..the "things" that we want are just THINGS...they can't give us feeling...they can't bring us happiness...they can do NOTHING for us other than possibly satisfy a need for a moment...and that moment passes so quickly, then we're back to feeling all of the same bad feelings that we would be feeling without the family and friends that surround us...because where would we be without those amazing people in our lives????  I don't want to even think about it, because in all reality, I most likely wouldn't have survived this far into my life...I know that it's just human nature to always be wanting more, but at some point we have to be happy with what we have...because I would give up all of my "things" for just ONE more day with my Grandma Pedersen...I would give it all up...but, we would NEVER give up the people that we love just to have more "things"!!
Well...those are my thoughts for tonight....thank you so much for reading and I hope that you all have a FANTASTIC Christmas and a very, very Happy New Year!!!  Cheers!!  :))