Thursday, May 31, 2012

"We may shine......"

"We may shine, we may shatter,
We may be picking up the pieces here on after,
We are fragile, we are human,
We are shaped by the light we let through us,
We break fast, 'cause we are glass...."
"Glass" lyrics-Thompson Square

Hello, hello!!  So, today I was somewhat struggling with what to write's been a challenge, that's for sure...but, then I was driving home and heard this song...I LOVVVVVE IT!!!  I know that the song is about finding love or trying to make love work, but I'm going to take it a bit out of context and apply it to life in here's my take on it...

We meet SO many people during our amazes me that there are SO many different personalities out there..I mean not one single person out of the BAZILLIONS of humans on the face of this Earth are EXACTLY alike...hmmmm....trying to wrap your mind around that is next to impossible..haha!!  I just look back on my thirty some years and seriously cannot remember every single person that I've met along the way...of course the one's that affected me, yes I remember them, but what about those one's that I just chatted with in some random place...trying to pass time, make conversation and whatnot...hmmmm...CRAZY to think about...not even sure that makes any sense, but you see where I'm going, right??  :)  I guess that today, this particular song made me think of all of the people that I've met, the one's that I've gotten to know and the one's that have a permanent place in my heart...soooo many peeps...WHOA!!  ...they/we all have ONE thing in common....WE ALL HAVE FEELINGS...EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!!  Sometimes with life being so busy...all of the daily things that need our attention...I think that it is easy to forget that we are ALL human...people say certain people are good...others are bad..but, really...that's a matter of opinion, at least in my opinion..heehee!!!  We never know when we might be talking to someone that really needs someone...ANYONE..who will just sit and listen to need to say anything, they just need a pair of patient ears....because they haven't had anyone to talk to that didn't judge them for their past, their present..some decision they made and no one agreed with....HOW SADDDD!!!  I don't know really where I'm  trying to go with this, but I guess what I had first intended, was that we all need to be more aware that people are PEOPLE...just like you and matter what they've done, what they've said, or whatever...they are STILL people...still have feelings....still feel alone,'s so easy to be around people that are on top of the world...everything is going FANTASTICALLY well...and who wouldn't want to be around that type of person...they are worries to discuss...just everything good....I LOVE being around people like that...LOVVVVVE ITTTTT!!  ....but what happens when they "break"...when nothing is going in the right we leave them to fall or do we stand right there beside them, picking up the pieces with them...holding their hand and helping them along their journey????  Ohhhhhhhh, how I hope that majority would stand there...with with them...listen to them, because Lord only knows, we'll all be there someday and we'll all be praying for the person that doesn't leave us during the harder times in life!  Everyone has gone through something...whether it's something that is obvious, or something that they keep inside...we all, at some point will be the one struggling....

--------PAUSE FOR A LITTLE BREAK....I think this is the right time to enter in another perfect      verse from this song....YAYYYYYYY!!!----------

"I'll let you look inside me, through the stains and through the cracks,
And in the darkness of this moment,
You see the good and the bad,
But try not to judge me, 'cause we've walked down different paths,
But it brought us here together, so I won't take that back..."

---------OK....hope that you didn't leave for a potty break...cuz you missed it....heeheehee...just teasing...I can't get OVERLY serious...gotta throw in my own weird, crazy humor once in a while..hahahaha.....----------

All, there have been a few's that I will always remember that other people have told me....wellllllll, Molly....they aren't good for you...why are you wasting your time...are you BLIND...all these things said in the best interest of me, I understand...but, what if these people are NOT a waste of time....what if they ARE good for me...and no, last I checked, I wasn't blind....I just want to see a light in these people...I DO see a light....sometimes it's a little dim, but it's there...and I know that I've been the person with the pretty much burned out light....and there were people there to help make my little dim light shine brighter with each new day....and I look at myself today....and I know that I have let in all of the light that comes my way...everyone has, both good and bad....I want to strive to see the good...I understand that we have to take into account the bad, it may affect us and make a realistic decision based on what we feel, but I hope that we can all start to at least give everyone a fighting chance....not write them off so never know someone until you invest a little time into them....sometimes you might find a SPARKLING diamond and wonder how you could have ever thought anything bad about them...YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!  People are FRAGILE....and we DO break FAST....but, sometimes....we become better just by knowing someone else....yes, and this is my dream for the world....everyone deserves at least ONE chance....everyone has feelings and everyone can be broken....but, but, BUT...everyone can overcome almost anything...given the right circumstances and fellow humans cheering us all on.....YAYYYY!!!
Have a wonderful evening everyone....and again, thanks for reading...  :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flutter, flutter...butterflies...

Good evening all....hoping your day has been FABULOUS!!!  My day has been...well, I'm a bit torn on how my day has has actually been a pretty great day, but on the other hand my high school class had to say good bye to our first fellow student, so in that, I'm saddddddd....everyday I say...mannnnn, I'm sooooo OLLLLLD, but put in a different circumstance...we're WAY toooooo YOUNG to be losing someone that we spent our childhood and teens with....darn it anyway!!  :(((((  Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege of knowing her as an adult, and didn't know KNOW her that well as kiddos, but I do know this...she was a very kind and loving individual with an OUTSTANDINGLY beautiful family and it seems that she was surrounded by the best of the BEST people...knowing and believing this, I am comforted knowing that she lived the best life possible in her short time here on she is watching over her loved ones and keeping them safe...another beautiful angel...still, I can't help but get a bit teary eyed....hard to understand, but I know one day....we will have all of the answers that we are ALL so DESPERATELY searching for....and it's going to be WONDERFUL!!  Sooooo, before I begin...while you're sitting around thinking...send up a little prayer for Laura and her family and all of her precious them strength to live and to thrive with the parts of her she left them all with....thinking and praying for healing.....

So...onto this evening's post....I went into work today and was FLABBERGASTED....YESSSS...that's you wanna know what happened??  Hmmmmm, well before I go into that...heehee...yes, I'm trying to be all SUSPENSFUL on you...sometimes I'm sneaky and unpredictable like that....HA!!!  Ok, so I wrote my post last night and was a tad bit hesitant to hit that "publish" button....and then afterward...I thought...OHH MYYYY, I can't believe that I just wrote all of that stuff...for EVERYONE to see....OHHH NOOOOOO!!!!!  Panic set in...BIGGGG TIMMME!!!, I get to work this morning and it seems that people liked it...WHATTTTT?????  Oh my goodness....RELIEFFFFFF....MUCHHHHO NEEDED RELIEF!  Sharing, what I thought was my ENTIRE closet of skeletons, made me cringe....but, you know what...I realized that sometimes by opening up and spilling everything ALL over the open a few doors for some pretty amazing people to come in...and in turn...guess who feels pretty amazing now??!??  Yep, that's right....MEEEEE!!!!  Ok....I'll stoppppp....but, was the felt SO I've said numerous times, and yet feel I don't say it enough.....I have AWESOME friends...heehee!!

So anyway...I got into a conversation with one of my peeps..hahaha...sometimes I crack myself up..yes, I'm easily entertained..haha!!  ...and since I was in quite the talkative mood today, I know...meeee...really??  Talk???  Yeah, I'm pretty surprised about it to...anywayyyy...we started talking and we were telling stories about some pretty clumsy times in my life and laughing and then we got kind of serious....and we were sort of talking about my blog last night....and I told her that she needed to start a blog because she needed to open up...get it all out....put it allll out there...hahahaha...I say to're guarded..gotta break down those walls...her response....Molly, you're guarded..etc...etc....I got to thinking...maybe I certain situations....oooooopsy....looking back and being a little bit sad that I have never been kiddies running around...and to be honest...never really loved and been loved in return..with the exception of friends and family...kind of sad...made me rethink what I wrote last night...maybe I've neglected a pretty important part of my life, just because I didn't want to face EMBARRASSING....I know...I guess I find it a lot easier to not think about certain kind of hurts...just a little, I need to just say....I'm STILL growing...WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!  :)))))  So, after all of this chitter chatter...she says...ok, Molly...starting tomorrow I'm going to ask you to tell me ONE good thing that you like about yourself....ohhhhhh comes that I have to relearn how to breathe before I completely pass out...hahaha (yes, I'm exaggerating to make a point..ha!)'s my thoughts on the days many events.....we are ALWAYS learning more about ourselves...always changing...always GROWING...WOW!!!!  It's not's NOT the end of the road.  So, here I am....preparing for her to ask me tomorrow, which by the way...she is going to give me ONE good thing that she likes about herself, too...AMAZZZINGGGG...I can't wait to hear what she has to say...YAYYYY!!!!  So, NEVER give up...there are people out there that can help you see AMAZING, SPECTACULAR things...and they seem to show up where we least expect to see them....YESSSSSS!!!  So begins another journey of learning....I'm pretty excited to begin it, no matter how scary it might be...and SO excited to get to know everyone SO much better...we're all in this world together...might as well make sure that everyone we come into contact with is being the BEST they can be..right????  This is a road that I have avoided for, whole life....facing the fear....yep....I can do this....YOU, my friends...CAN DO THIS...heck...we'll all do it together.... :)))))  Wishing you a pleasant evening and a FANTASTIC tomorrow...
OH WAIT...I FORGOT SOMETHING...I forgot to mention why I mentioned butterflies in the title of this post....really's because butterflies symbolize NEW, now go out and picture all sorts of them flying all around...because there are SO many new beginnings to be excited about...HAPPY, HAPPY!!  :)
Talk to you all later...  :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LOVE....makes the world go round...oh yes it does...

Hello Everyone!!!
Hope that you all had a FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL Memorial Day Weekend...I know that I did!!  Just mostly stayed at home with the fam...trying to soak in all of the time that I can before I know...20 WHOLE MINUTES AWAY!!!  Can you even imagine what kind of shape I would be in if I had to move across the country or something..I would pry have a complete mental breakdown...hahahahaha!!!  I'll just laugh about it now, but come Friday..I'm sure that there will be some more tears falling..heehee!! 
Ok...well, onto what I've been waiting allllllllll day to talk about....notice the cool pic that I just realized that I could put on here....wellllll, I wanted to jabber about that today...and in order for me to get my little point across...we have to take a little time machine back into my past...just a few years or so...are you ready????  Ok...ready or not...herrrre goes....
I grew up with one of the BEST childhood's a kid could ask for....2 AMAZING parents....3 FABULOUS, we didn't get along ALLLL of the time, but for the most part, we did...somewhere along this blessed road, I decided to take a little detour...NOT the best of my ideas, but chose to do it anyway...I lost "myself"..I can't exactly pinpoint when this all happened, but once I got into my 20's..yeah, I was SOOOOOO LOSSSSST!!!  I was sad all of the time...angry at my parents for who knows why...thought that NO ONE on the face of this earth could POSSIBLY love something like me....I was "substandard", "unlovable", pretty much a living, fairy tale kind of MONSTER...that's what I believed myself to be and was alllll ready to end it all...put everyone out of the misery of knowing me or even being associated with me...yep, that was me....WOWWWWWW....sooooooo, NOT COOL....not even a little bit...UGHHHHHH!!!!!  :(
Thennnnnnn.....thennnnnnn....YESSSSSSSSS....I have no idea how to describe it....I don't know when it even or how it even happened...slowly but surely....I was starting to see how insanely..and I use that word with the intent of was INSANE the way I was acting and feeling...not to say that feelings don't matter, because they most certainly DO...they are what we are made of....but, those one's that eat us ALIVE....NOOOOOOO!!!!  I had let this define me for OHHHH SOOOO MANY almost destroyed me and all of my relationships....I hated everything about life....but, then whatever it was...I started to come around...did I mention that I have an AMMMMAZZZZINNNGGG family and a pick of the litter circle of friends...they never once gave up on this girlie....I was being selfish....YUCKY!!! now coming back to the present tense...I am a completely different person...I look at life with an ENTIRE new outlook...everything is BEAUTIFUL and everything is a BLESSING....I am no longer feeling sorry for myself...I make the decisions in my life and I control if it's going to be a good life or a black hole where there is no return....THERE IS A RETURN BUTTON...I SWEAR THERE IS....I got the opportunity to start ALLL over and in the process, I realized that when I take care of myself, that isn't selfish...not in the's's trying to be the BEST person you can be so you can make room to help other's be the BEST person they can be...and in that you GROW and you LEARN and you APPRECIATE ABSOLUTELY EVERY POSSIBLE LITTLE THING!!  ...nowadays (nice word, I know..heehee)...sometimes I see a baby tree and just smile...yeah, I probably look like a weirdo, but you know what, I'm smiling....and the more you smile, the more it becomes you....YAYYYYYYY!!!!  So...this is for anyone struggling with life....wondering what it's all's my thoughts....YOU are what it's all about...YOU make your LIFE...YOU and YOU awesome is that....don't ever leave it up to someone else or up to some bad thoughts in your head...they are just thoughts, they are not permanent...replace them with good thoughts and laugh as much as you will pull through...I know it...LOVVVVVVVE're all you got... you might have noticed...I have a bit of a passion about this subject..and yes, I actually could go on and on for another hour or two, but I think that I've probably gotten my point across...I just want EVERYONE to find happiness...never forget, we only get ONE chance at this....once our name is called we can't say..oops, I messed up....take your 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th chances when you can and make your life something to remember and affect as many people as you can with love and kindness, because that is the greatest gift that you can give anyone....ok...I'll stop....sheesh...heehee...have a good evening everyone...thanks for reading!!  :)))))

Friday, May 25, 2012

Blessings....ohhhhh....sooo many...

Happy evening everyone!  Hope that you're Friday was EXTRA FABULOUS!!  Hmmm..well, I've been, once again, thinking about what I was going to write about today..and WAH just came to me...I'm going to talk about a MAJOR REVOLUTION (not sure if that is exactly the word I'm looking for here, but you'll get the point, ha!)  So, anyway...woke up late this morning..rushing all around to try to look at least a quarter of the way to decent...realizing that my mornings rushing around this wonderful house are going to be just a precious memory in a few days....yes, being a bit seems that it trickled over from last night...anyway...going about my merry way..driving to work...getting to work and losing it completely..yet AGAIN...hmmm, it's been SO long since I've cried as much as I have the past 1 1/2 days...I think that my tear ducts are starting to dry up or I'm becoming insanely either case..I need to get a hold of myself here..hahaha....anyway, back to the original story...I was telling all of my coworkers about my little ordeal of leaving good ole St. Paul and watching them listen to me....REALLY LISTEN...WHOA!!  So, I've realized that the time in my life has arrived when one FINALLY realizes that there are people who, I'm pretty sure...CARE ABOUT YOU...what a thought!  I mean, I've lived my life knowing...absolutely KNOWING that I treat others well..the ONE thing that I've been confident in, but with that being said, I expect people to treat me well in response...that has been my thought stopped there!  I never thought about it and today...this wonderful Friday....I looked at all of these people that I work with everyday and I watch them and I see them laughing and visiting and listening to each other and I realized...WOWWWWW...I am one blessed girlie...I mean, I always said that...knowing that I was....but, today...I FELT IT!!!  My heart is doing little backflips all over the place....I think that I have been blinded by all of life's little distractions that I never really stopped to see what has been around me this whole entire time!  HOW EXCITING!! fact, I'm just going to go ahead and continue to ramble know, the, I felt a HUGE group hug from everyone around me....I LOVE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!  God has certainly given me more blessings than I deserve, and for that, I am SOOOO THANKFUL!! 
So, the next time that I'm feeling sad and lonely and thinking that the world is caving in all around me...I'm going to think back to this moment, when I'm a basket case of emotions and I'm going to see everyone's cute little faces and their little habits and hear their laughter and remember how much love surrounds me, it's like a little invisible bubble of protection coming from all of those that I've come to know and feel every bit of love that they gave me today....means the WORLD to me!  My message, as you can see...don't ever feel lonely or sad, but if you do...mark a little place in your heart with all of the pictures of the smiles of the people you love and that love you...accept their love, even if you aren't sitting right in front of them at that exact moment...because that feeling...IS SO will warm your heart and the saying goes...people will come in and out of your life, some will stay, some will go....but, all will leave a little part of themselves with you...make sure you remember the good things about all of these people, both past and present...they ALL make you who you are...and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS leave them with the best parts of you, because it works both ways....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm so BLESSED and SO CONTENT with my little's starting to make sense....YAYYYY!!!! :))))  Have a FANTASTIC Memorial Day weekend..and of course, be safe!!!  :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I can't stop smiling...and crying...

Hello all!!  I couldn't wait to get home today and write a new post...I've been thinking all day long about all of the things that I could write about...there are SO many options..haha!!, the day started out like every other day...nothing special..just another day closer to Friday..YAY...I've been sort of frustrated these past few weeks, you see I'm planning on moving into a new apartment on June 1st...I hadn't heard anything from the apartment since I paid the deposit and all of that fun stuff...I was starting to think that maybe I wasn't going to get to move...SOOOO DISAPPOINTING!!  ...but, right at the end of my work day...a CALLLLLL....I am scheduled to move in on June 1st...YESSSSSS...exactly what I wanted to hear, what I've been waiting to hear for what seems like FOREVER!!!  ....the pressure has lifted and all is well...then, my mind...ohhhhhhhh, how I love it and hate it at the same time....darn it...why is change so hard sometimes, even when it's a change that we've prayed and prayed for..and now it is within my fact, I'm touching it and looking ahead to how wonderful it is going to be..and then those pesky little thoughts...SOOOO LONELY!!  What am I going to do....I'm going to miss seeing my family everyday (really, I'm going to be 20 whole minutes away from them)....what am I going to do when there's no one to come home to and vent about the day's events....DARN IT...ok, I need to turn this around...I need to realize that this is something SO GOOD....SOOOOOO what I've is it possible to be this EMOTIONAL about 20 minutes....this post isn't turning out like I wanted it to..hahaha!!  Ok...I need to know that everything is going to be ok...everyone is going to be's a normal part of life....REALLY MOLLY.....REALLLLLLLLY??????, this is what I'm going to do about this random, weird, uncalled for feeling..........I have been waiting for over a year for this apartment to open up....I have wanted it...I could see it...and NOW....I HAVE it....I didn't quit....I kept calling, stopping in and asking about it...never letting them think that I had lost interest...I DIDN'T QUIT!!!!  This is AMAZING...especially for Miss Molly....I have a habit of giving up...pretty easily..and the ONE thing that I wanted to change about myself...DON'T GIVE UP...EVERRRRRR...if you want something....MAKE IT HAPPEN!!, smile, smile....goal NUMBER ONE....check!!!!  WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
I love putting inspirational quotes on our marker board at work...this is the one that I wrote on it today..

"Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it."  -Ernest Holmes

Yep...I've lived this to tell you that it speaks only truth...I have lived away from my family for all of the years since I graduated high school and then came back to my hometown 2 years ago...I was so disappointed in myself...I messed up...BIG TIME!!  ...but, now that I get to go out and venture back into the world of adulthood....I'm seeing how the time being so close to my family has healed my fact, it has changed has given me the time I needed to reevaluate my life and look ahead and make a has been EXACTLY what I was needing the whole entire time!!  Family is something that we should NEVER, EVER take for granted...especially when you have such an AWESOME family like I do...unconditional LOVE...every minute of every day....I don't know where I would be without my 3 best friends/sisters, my parents, my nephew and all of the extended family that have cheered me on throughout the years...a love that is SO big that my mind cannot even begin to comprehend it....YAYYYYY!!!!!  So, go out there and DO IT...make 'em proud...I'm going into this a different person...not the person that I used to think I was...the one that just did whatever without thinking about consequences...nowwww, I have a reason for ME...and yes...I do tend to over-exagerate pretty much everything in my mind...hahahahaha....ok, well...thanks for reading and letting me vent out all of this crazy, crazy madness of mine...heehee!!!  Always remember, your beliefs become you...they are your essence...make sure that they are always good thoughts, because we ALL deserve happiness....and it is SO attainable if we think it and never, EVER forget it...we are WORTH it...YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!  :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hello all!!  I'm SUPER EXCITED to be finally starting this blog..this is somewhat of a small little goal of mine.  I've always wanted to be able to reach out to different people and bounce thoughts and ideas back and forth between me and whomever wants to listen.  I'm going to start by telling a bit about myself...first, my name is Molly..I fall comfortably somewhere between the ages of 30 and 39...ha!!  I come from an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING family..I have 3 younger sisters and one very handsome 9 year old nephew and one little niece or nephew on the way..should be arriving somewhere in November...SOOO EXCITED for the new little bundle of OHHH SOOO MUCH JOYYYY..I'm surrounded by an ample amount of BLESSINGS!  I'm a pretty easy going person..try not to let a lot of the world get to me, sometimes it's a struggle, but I continue to move forward, which is always a plus!!  I suppose that I would be considered somewhat of a dreamer, probably to a fault...but, at the end of the day, I close my eyes a happy girlie..and I'm always looking for the next FABULOUS thing that is coming my way just around the corner.  The reason that I wanted to do a blog, was not only to get my thoughts into writing, but to use as a constant reminder of the blessings that I have and the good that surrounds me and never give in to the bad things that try to bring us all down at some point in our lives.  I have been the lucky recipient of some pretty amazing people in my life...alllll filled with little life lessons and fantastic advice for life in general, so I guess, this is more like a public diary filled with thoughts and advice that I've received from some wonderful people and a few of my own thoughts.  I can see that the biggest problem that I'm going to have with this, is when to stop typing..hahaha!! 
Sooooo, just to give you all fair warning...I have a bit of an obsession with, I'm going to start this off with one that I just read a few minutes goes:

 "The only person I have to better than is the person I was yesterday"  -Unknown

This is sooo true.  It seems that I've spend the majority of my thirty odd years always wanting to be someone else, someone better or at least what I thought was better than me...hmmmm, I look back and kind of get a little angry with myself for wasting all of those years...WHAT WAS I THINKING??  Now, that I'm sort of, in a way...becoming an adult...I've realized that the people that I'm around that give their all...they hold nothing back...the one's with the 'take me as I am' attitude..those are the one's that I love the most...they give it all and don't apologize for it...WOWSERS!!!  Soooo, the people that I am around and have the MOST fun with and feel sooooo alive when I am with them ARE the one's that I am behaving as apologies, no embarrassment, no nervousness...just ME!!  Yes, as you can see...I tend to ramble..on and on and on and on and...well, you get the point..heehee!!!  My message for this evening is acceptance...the utter NEED for it!!  To accept yourself is the key for SOOOOO much life...SOOO MUCH GOOD gives you the power to look at things through a BRAND NEW, sparkling pair of eyes...the courage you need to walk away from negative thinking...the first step in becoming YOU..and what on the face of this entire earth, would be better than that??  Ok, I'm going to force myself to stop, because I could honestly go on all night long about just about everything in my mind..hahaha...good night all...