Thursday, November 15, 2012

I've got friends...OH YES I DO!! :)

Once's been FOREVERRRR since I've wrote in my little world....shoooooot!!  Anyway, I hope that this finds you all well and good...YAY!!
Soooo, I thought about what I was going to write about ALLL day long...I couldn't quite decide what it was that I felt like rambling about tonight and then I get home and check the mail...there were TWO wonderful surprises waiting in that little mailbox for me...the first and BEST thing was that I received a card from a SUPER FABULOUS friend of mine who has recently joined the Airforce...ohhhhhh yesssss, I'm going to go on and on and ON about that here in a minute and the second little surprise was that I received a new pair of jeans that I had ordered a while back in a size smaller and guess what....THEY FITTTTTTT....OHHHH YEAHHHHHH!!!  What a great ending to the longest day EVERRRR!! now...about this card that I got from my friend, was JUST what I needed at exactly the right moment...don't you just LOVE your friends...I have been BEYOND BLESSED when it comes to the people in my life and I am sooooooooooo, soooooooo, sooooooo appreciative of every single one of them...they all add that extra little spark that we need to keep on keeping on....they give us a sense of self and make us feel like we matter....friendships are something that I hold so close to my heart..sometimes I'm pretty sure that they are my heart...such a FABULOUS feeling!!!
Sometimes it seems that the world is just sitting around bored and thinking..hmmmm..what can I do to add just a little bit more stress to this person's it's not possible to be able to carry on in life without some disaster striking just when things are starting to look up....hits you when you least expect it....blindsides you and doesn't look apology, no just goes on...HOW RUDE!!  hahaha....
Hmmmm...I hate to admit that I used to be the person that would take the hits and sit around in my own puddle of self pity..wondering why in the world this is happening to me...what in God's creation have I done in my life to deserve this or that....ohhhhhhhh....NOTTTTT a good road to go down, that's for sure....I've grown since those times, but once in a while my mind still wants to throw those little pity parties and it wants to invite everyone that I know, to bring them down with me...ooooooooooo...I'm cringing...I hate that thought...absolutely HATE it!! I've grown older and realized that it makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever to bring other people down...why would anyone ever want to do something like that????  ...because of the people in my life...the wonderful friends that I've made and the family that I have been OHHHH SOOOOO BLESSED with, I've learned some EXTRAORDINARY things about life in general....if we start counting our blessings instead of our sorrows...your ENTIRE life changes...pretty soon you are surrounded by some of the most amazing people that you could ever imagine keeping company with....and the more you are around them the more you become exactly what you admire the most in those amazing peeps.....AHHHHHHH...there's the key to least that's what I believe is the key to happiness!!!  :))))
There are going to be so many things in this life that are put there to either make us or break us....ohhhhhh, how I don't want to be broken anymore...and THENNNNNN....look what happened...I got a beautiful card in the MAIL from one of the most inspiring, genuine, kind hearted and wise people that I have ever known!!  Blessings are everywhere, whether it be your kiddos, your friends, your family, your pets....the list can go on and on and on....kind of like my writings...heehee!!!  There are going to be those days when we think that we just can't go on...tooo many things have happened and damaged us beyond repair....sometimes we fail to see the light of the many blessings that surround us everyday....there is always someone who cares and understands and is willing to let you vent it all out until it's done and you're ready to move forward...I am sitting here smiling, because no matter what is going on, I know that I am soooooo lucky to have the people in my life that I do...I may not have everything that I want in this life, or the things that I think that I "need", but when I sit down and really think about it...I am absolutely, positively surrounded by the love that I never think that I have....I just have it in a different form...I have it from the MOST amazing family that anyone could ever ask for and I have it from some SUPER FANTASTIC friends that have become the family that I chose...and I look up to all of them and admire each one of them....they are the strongest people that I will probably  ever know....and I'm so fact, I'm sitting here with the biggest smile on my face just thinking about all of them...sooooo, to my family and all mean the WORLD AND BEYOND to me.....I would have never made it through this much of my life without any of you....everything is a lesson that must be learned to be understood...haha...I think that's how that quote goes... :))  Wishing you all a wonderful evening....thanks for reading!!  :))

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